Treasure Hunts–partial, under construction

Color Treasure Hunt–For children who cannot yet read:

Hide a treat or toys that the children will enjoy under something that is blue–such as a blue chair or blue blanket.

  • Then hide a blue square of paper under something yellow.
  • Hide a yellow square of paper under something green;
  • Hide a green square of paper under something purple;
  • Hide a purple square of paper under something red.
  • Start the game by giving the children a red square of paper and tell them to look for something in the room that is red and see if they can find the next clue. When they find the purple clue, then they look for something purple, etc. until the treasure is found.

An All Day Treasure Hunt

Hide projects and activity instructions around the house and yard. Keep all the clues to finding these things in your pocket. Begin by giving out the first clue, for example: “Look under the bench outside. When you find it, look inside for instructions.” Under the bench outside will be hidden a plastic contain with art supplies in it. Inside will be instructions: Using the water colors and water color paper paint a sun setting over the mountains.

When the project is completed they show you their art work and you give them another clue. “In a tree out in the back yard, something is hiding.” In the tree they find a puzzle to put together. And so it continues throughout the day.

1.  Find art supplies to do an art project.

2.  Put a puzzle together.

3.  Have a tea party –this might be a tea party already set up in a room that their clue leads to, or you may just hide a  new tea set that they bring to you to fix them a tea party.

4. Watch a movie –the clue will lead them to a new video or DVD to watch.

5. Find a box of cleaning supplies with notes on what to clean and who has which job (small jobs like dusting or picking up toys.)

6. Find a Book –instructions on the book may be “Meet Grandma in the —- to read this book together” I had the children meet me in a sunflower house that I had planted. We sat on a blanket and read the Meet Samantha, the American Girl book. The next clue I gave them was to find a white box, and in the box was the Samantha doll that they could play with. Of course, you can do any version of this–a book about a train and then the children can find a toy train. Or just read a book and continue on with a different clue.

7.  Look for a box with a surprise that is hidden ( it is the Samantha doll to play with.)

8.  Help Grandma plant flowers

9. Bake Cookies! Find a package of cookie dough with cookies ready to bake or slice and bake, etc.

10.Make a Scarecrow for Grandpa’s Garden –Find a bundle with old clothes including hat. Previously have the cross (frame of scarecrow) built and placed in the ground. Let the children dress the scarecrow and make a head and face for him.


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