Letters from The Mysterious Beyond

Letters To My Grandchildren

Dear Kids,

        You know Grandpa and the outdoors. His advice is to not miss anything. Keep your eyes open and take in the natural world around you. Its good advice since the world is so beautiful and filled with things from God just put on this earth for us–to “please the eye and gladden the heart” (D&C 56:).  I love being with Grandpa outside–anywhere. The other day I went with him to take pictures of Skyline Mine area for a project at work, but we spent a lot more time on the mountain than just taking pictures. Grandpa showed me the  fish ladders, and we looked in the grassy  streams for fish. At one brook, Grandpa suggested that we creep up on the fish slowly without letting our shadows fall on the water. He was sure we would be able to see bigger fish and more of them without scaring them away. I crawled on my stomach, through the grass,  following Grandpa’s lead and inched my way to the stream. I was camouflaged like the sky, in my bright blue shirt. It worked! We caught them unaware! Grandpa  put his hand under the belly of a couple of big trout and popped them out of the water for a second. (He didn’t pop them on to  the bank, of course, fishing is illegal in that stream right now). We found merriment in watching the fish and belly-creeping through the grass. Grandpa can make anything in nature an adventure. It was beautiful up there. I love those deep, narrow streams with the grassy banks that cut through mountain meadows. And we loved just being together.

Love you all tons!

Grandma Dottie, Grandpa’s Best Friend

Dear Great Kids,

        I miss you all so much! I can’t wait for you to come see me. I have so many plans for Grandma’s Camp. I can’t wait!

        This morning I went outside early to check the oil in the car before traveling to the temple, and the morning air was filled with country sounds. I heard a meadow lark singing his beautiful little tune, and then another one would echo from far off. They kept up this conversation for a long time, and then another one answered loudly from our front yard. Pretty soon I could hear about six of them join in on this early morning conference call, and in the background I could hear four or five other bird songs. The more I listened, the more sounds I heard. The woodpecker, or one of his brothers, showed up for work and began hammering on the old dead tree down the lane. How can the morning be more wonderful than filled with the sounds of birds?  I wondered what they were saying to each other. I listened a long time, and finally realized they weren’t talking to each other, they were talking to me, telling me that this was a beautiful day and I should not waste a minute of it. Although I thought visiting with them was a worthwhile activity, I was reminded that I had things to do and places to be, so I came in the house and opened my windows so I could listen to their beautiful sounds of encouragement as I got ready for the day.

       You will all be here soon and we will listen together, or we’ll drown out their sound with our own chatter and laughter!

Love you tons!  Grandma, The Bird Watcher Listener

Dear Grandest Kids!

    You know how Old Windy visits Elmo every afternoon? Well  he carries on conversation with everything around him, except the birds, either they hide when he comes or he drowns out their tones. But you can’t help but overhear what he is planning. He is such a practical joker. I go outside looking for something I left in the garden, and he has thrown it down the hill. Or the worst trick he plays is turning over the garbage can while it waits on the street for the garbage truck. Now that is a dirty trick. We have to go chasing our paper stuff down the side of the road! One day he blew Grandma Nina’s dress up over her head as she was bending over. Now you have to admit, that would have been pretty funny to see!

        One thing I like about him though is that he plays pretty tunes on the Wind Chimes Grandpa gave me. He loves playing them. Once he gets started, he hates to stop. He practices his musical instrument more than you kids practice yours, I’ll bet.

        One day, though, Windy was in an ornery mood!  I don’t even like him when he is like that. He carried on so loudly and fiercely, that there was no other sound to be heard (except the chimes, and he was clobbering those), and when he finally settled down, our old dead tree, way out back on the first hill was tipped over on the ground. Remember it? It had the raptor house in it for the hawks. Well, it’s still here, it’s just horizontal now. Try reallly hard never to get that moody. Nobody and nothing is fun to be around when they act like that!

Love you all!

Grandma Dottie, Windy’s Friend (most of the time)

Hey, You Great Kids!

    Are you loving Spring? Our yard is full of buzzing activity. The hummingbirds are constantly working around the yard. They are as busy as I am! The kittens are at the most playful age. I watched two chase each other up a tree by the waterfall, and one fell and frantically grabbed onto a branch with its front claws and was hanging there swinging back and forth. I laughed as though he was an acrobatic clown entertaining me, but I did get up and go rescue him. Funny little guy.

    Yesterday I spent the day weeding the yard. I got the tree house flowers, strawberry patch, front flower gardens, waterfall garden and roses done. I took a well-deserved break at lunch time and sat in the swing to restore my energy for a while. As I was sitting there I noticed a spider on the screen and a fly buzzing close by. The fly would crawl and then fly for a half a second, then crawl. The spider didn’t crawl or move except to turn. Wherever the fly was, the spider would turn and watch it. At first the fly bumped into the spider and it scared them both. The spider jumped and pulled its legs in, and the fly flew back, but flies must be stupid and spiders smart. The fly kept crawling around near the spider and flying a short distance away and crawling closer, the spider just stayed put and turned to watch every movement of the fly. The fly finally got close enough that the spider jumped at it. The fly struggled and got away, but too late. It fell to the floor and spun around a for a few seconds. I, of course, hate flies so I was cheering for the spider. As I left my perch in the porch swing, I decided I have watched too many PBS shows with Grandpa!

    Love you all!

    Grandma Dottie, Spectator of Creepy Nature Shows

Dearest Grandest Kids,

    Today we participated in our small-town-festivity. It is the Annual Fall Pheasant Hunt Lunch/Dinner that Elmo Daughters of the Utah Pioneers do to raise money for their Camp. (They don’t go camping, that is what each group is called–a camp, you know, like the pioneers.) Well,  I have never been before; until last year.  I always thought it was just for hunters (no wonder they still consider us newcomers after 25 years of living here)! I actually think it is supposed to be just for the hunters, because they ran out of food at 4:00.  But anyway, we met Sam there for lunch and had a cheese burger and a cream soda. Lots of town people were there.   It was so warm outside that we sat on the benches they had set up and ate our burgers.  As we left, I said, “That was such a fun, small-town thing to do.”  Dad said, “Yeah, next time I want a hamburger with sweet pickles on it, I’ll come back.” But don’t pay attention to the grump. It was fun. I think someone should open the DUP Building as a burger and pie place all the time. I love small-town things, like honking chickens or peacocks out of the road or following a herd of cows with the cowboys and their dogs guiding them out of the way, and everyone in town knowing what your problems are and concerned about how you are doing.

Love you all!

Grandma Dottie, Small Town Newcomer

Hi Guys! 2006

        I am so excited that Spring is finally here! I’ve been outside working in my flower gardens accompanied by the Elmo Symphony. I’m sure you don’t here this particular symphony anywhere else. This years it seems there is a bigger variety of flutes playing trills and tweets, but the Meadow Lark still carries the melody. The bees have their violins buzzing and the old woodpecker’s staccato is a echoing from down in the lane. I love going out in the morning when the air is still and the whole Elmo orchestra is playing. One sound that is missing however, is Mr. Toad’s song. So I cleaned out the pond and put water in it, so he will feel welcome. He actually only sings to attract a girl friend, and then he’s through with his song. So now the pond is full, we’ll just wait and listen for him. He’ll be our guest soloist (because he is sooo noisy and loud, and doesn’t really blend in too well with the other voices. The cat, who used to be named Petunia, can’t let any noise be louder than he is, so he joins in. We renamed Petunia. She wasn’t a girl after all. He is a boy. And so we named him Louie–after Louie Armstrong, because he is always singing the blues. I wish you were all here to enjoy this concert with me. But I bet you have your own type of concert where you live. Listen closely and see who is singing or playing whatever instrument. Write me and tell me what you hear in your back yards!

        Can’t wait to have more fun this year. I’ll be sending you some details about Grandma’s Camp 2006. I have changed the theme for the third time this year, so you’ll be surprised, but. I’ll tell you soon!

Love, Grandma Dottie

Elmo Symphony’s Greatest Fan!

Dear Grand Kids,

            Everywhere I go in my yard, I find evidences of you. As I cleaned out the pond and raked leaves away, I found little toys and boats. As I decided to clean the pond, I looked down and found a small pink shovel, that belonged to one of you last year at the Secret Garden Camp, and I used it to do the cleaning. The gardens you planted last year are still alive. Rein and Harry’s looks great. The Squirrel, however was missing, but I found him on a stump guarding the garden. Maddie’s little rose died, but we can plant another one when she comes to visit. Maddie and McKay’s sign and Isabella and Sydnie’s signs still look good, but we need to make two more for the other gardens. Weston pretty much had to do his garden on his own, since the two little guys assigned to him, weren’t too interested in gardening. So we need to make his sign with his name in Big letters. You all did such a good job, and you big kids were so kind and sweet to the younger ones! You are all the best grandkids ever! We had a lot of fun last year, didn’t we?

    Love you all tons!

    Grandma, The Memory Keeper

Hi Kids!

    Uncle Ash and Aunt Kim brought their duck and chicken over to our house before they moved. They bought them as babies for Easter last year. They grew up in the same large pen together, so they are not sure if they are both ducks or both chickens, but they know they are the same species.

      Harry had  named the Duck “Jack” and the hen “Chuckles. We added “Quacker” to Jack’s name because he talks all the time. We didn’t want them in the cage, so we just let them have the run of the place, and they seem to really enjoy exploring the yard. Neither one wants to get too far away from the other. They fully understand the buddy system, and they are not about to break the rules.

     I went out this morning to do some gardening. I got down on my hands and knees and started digging grass out of the garden. Very soon, Quacker Jack and Chuckles and Buffy the cat came hurrying over–all asking if they could help me. It looked like a lot of fun!  So I let them help. Chuckles started digging with me but then decided she would  let me do the work while she  just looked for bugs in the newly turned dirt. So she entertained herself pecking at the bugs, which was fine with me. I thought we made a good team. The cat curled up on the back of my legs thinking that was almost as good as a lap. Quacker Jack jabbered quite a long commentary about how this wasn’t really fun at all, in fact he was very bored, and then he wandered off. Chuckles can’t let Quacker get out of sight, so she had to give up her bugs which had been quite fun, but “Whoops, there goes Jack, gotta run.”  When I had to move to the next spot, the cat, who was comfortably purring away, got pouty about being disturbed, and gave up on me too. Pretty soon I decided they were right; this just wasn’ t that much fun, so I went into the house, promising to get back to it another day. I just don’t know which day

    I hope you are enjoying being outside in the sunshine. You guys in Seattle, have you even seen the sun lately? She is very beautiful, warm and charming. Hope you get to meet her soon!

    Love you all tons!

    Grandma Dottie, the Follower  (Not I said the duck; not I said the chicken; not I said the cat; then neither will I, said the Grandma.)

Hi Guys!

        Weston wrote and wants me to tell more about my house and what is going on with everyone. So here is some of the latest animal gossip.

        I have sad news about Buffy. She was too old to have that last litter of kittens. She was pregnant too long and all of them died. She looked awful and we knew she wasn’t going to live much longer. We were right. She died a couple of weeks ago. Grandpa then decided we had too many cats and the whole place smelled like cats, so he gave them away except for one. I’m not sure what you kids have named her, but she goes around crying a lot because she is lonely, so I named her “Petunia.” When I was a  little girl, Grandma Sammy taught me a song that says, “I’m a lonley little petunia in an onion patch and all I do is cry all day.” (get it? onion patch–crying?) So that is Petunia. She is doing better today. I saw her playing outside. I don’t know why she doesn’t make friends with Bunny Hops. She is a very gentle bunny. She is very pretty, and very quiet. So Bunny Hops and Petunia are here waiting for you guys to come play.

        I will be so glad when the sounds of your laughter and squealing drown out the sounds of Petunia! Come Quickly! Please!

        Love you all toooo much! Grandma with the Whining Cat.

Dear Kids, 2006

        Louie, the Cat, isn’t around here much any more. We know when he is back, because he still whines ALL OF THE TIME!  Maybe he’s teaching us a lesson–Don’t Be A Whiner!  He is more annoying than any other animal we have had. He is a male cat, so he likes to wander looking for girl friends, but I doubt he has much success. Nobody likes a whiner!!! Remember when his name was Petunia? Well we need a GIRL cat.because they are the hunters. Remember when Buffy caught a bird, prairie dog or mouse every day to share with all her kittens and the other four cats? Well Louie is worthless when it comes to hunting, because he’d actually have to stop whining and do something. Anyway, I had a visitor the other night that I was not happy with. I called it a visitor, but it was really an intruder! A little mouse ran back and forth across the tile in the dining room, and I could see him as I sat at the computer! He creeped me out! It’s not that I don’t like mice. I think they are kind of cute–especially when they are trying to help Cinderella make a dress–, but I don’t like anything coming in my house uninvited–not people, not cats, not mice, not snakes, not spiders! I have no problem with these things outside in their own element. I even love to see them, but in my house, I freaked! So we need a new cat. Remember this important lesson: Don’t be a whiner! Be a catcher! Catch the best life has to offer you!

        Kye (who is three) overheard me telling somebody on the phone, that I don’t like mice in my house or snakes, etc. When I got off the phone he said, “You don’t like sneaks in your house.” I couldn’t figure out why he was saying that. It is really true. I DON’T like sneaks in my house, but I didn’t know why he was saying that. Later he told me that he doesn’t like sneaks either. I figured out he was saying “snakes.” So I said, “Oh, I love snakes. I just don’t like them in my house.” He said, “Oh, yeah, we like sneaks. We don’t like sneaks in the house.”  So, Isabella, you’ll have to work on what to say when he sees that you actually LIKE sneaks in your house and you have one for a pet. You’ll have to deal with that one, I’m afraid. In the meantime, Grandpa caught the mouse, and I’m through whining about them.

    Love you all soooo much!

    Grandma Dottie, Who Doesn’t Like Sneaks!

Dear Grand People,

         I let the black bunny go today. I just am not reliable enough to have a caged animal that depends on me for their existence!. They have to be able to fend for themselves, somewhat. And I hate to see caged animals. I took some strawberries out to the bunny (what is her name?) and opened her cage. She took a long time to venture out, and never did get too far from the pen. I put the bird pen (the duck-chicken) by her pen, so she could go into either one for protection  if a dog came into the yard or something. The cats just acted like there was one more friend in the yard–nothing new.

        Virginia called my duck and chicken “Birds of a Feather That Flock Together.” I thought that was so fitting. They are their own weird little flock, for sure. But isn’t there a lesson in that? People who are very different from us can make a very complimentary friend. You don’t have to find someone just like you to be a best buddy.

        Well, I can’t wait until you all come this summer. I don’t care if you are hopping, waddling or scratching into my yard–just come! That is why I love this time of year.  I’ll see you all soon!

Love, Hugs and Kisses!

Grandma Dottie, Who Can Waddle To The Chicken Dance.

Hi Kids!

    I wish you were here right now to see our desert landscape turning to flowering meadows! Because of all the rain this year, there are wild flowers in every direction that I look. They are beautiful tall yellow flowers all over our back yard where the prickly weeds usually grow.. Grandpa says they are wild mustard and that they are weeds, and we need to spray them now or chop them down. He says that they are out of control because, you know the parable Jesus told about the mustard seed (faith as tiny as a grain of mustard)? Well he says each of those pretty flowers will have thousands of tiny seeds. Oh, well. It looks to me like the Lord planted a huge garden of yellow wild flowers for me. And next year I’ll have thousands more pretty flowers to look at. I love them.

    We named the rabbit “Bunny Hops;” I could never remember that sophisticated name Harry and Maddy gave her. She is a very big, black-bunny now. She stays around the yard pretty well, but stays hidden a lot of the time. She came out to greet me this morning, as well. She never makes a sound but says “hello” by letting herself be seen. I know she will love having all of you visit! It will be here faster than we know.

Love you tons!

Grandma, The Weed Keeper

Hi Kids!

        You’ll be here soon, and I can’t wait!  I’m sure you will get to meet Bunny Hops. She is still around. I see rabbit holes here and there. She is so big. I think she is a giant rabbit. She ate my ornamental cabbage that I just planted. What was I thinking? Planting a cabbage with a loose rabbit in the yard?! Well when she starts eating  grandpa’s garden, I guess he’ll put  her back in her bunny hutch. But I sure is fun to just spy her hopping around the yard. I wish we had baby bunnies. What do you think Grandpa would say to that?

          Love you!

          Grandma Dottie, The Cabbage Planter

Dear Kids,

    I have been out gardening this morning before I go to work. While doing that, I planned more details of our Secret Garden Camp. The waterfall garden has so much tall grass in it, that it can’t be saved. I am going to have to till it all up and start over. I will divide it into five areas and each of you big kids will be given an small partner and will design and plant your own area. We will go shopping for some plants and decorations that you would like to put in your garden area.

    Out by the tree house, where the small tree is, I have planted sunflower seeds to make two walls. We are going to make a Jungle Outpost there. It will have a spiderweb entrance made out of ropes–that will be the way in. You have to climb the spider web–unless you want to squeeze through the sunflowers, I guess.  Send me any ideas you have that could add to this. Harry helped me choose the site and decide on sunflower walls–great idea Harry! Think of things we can do in our sunflower outpost. I have lots of other plans for you too, but you will have to just wait and see what they are.

           Love you the most!

           Grandma, The Gardener with Secrets

Dear Kids,

       Remember that field of beautiful wild flowers that Grandpa said were weeds? Well after you left, the flowers dried up and became dry, brown, tall things. A whole field of them! They are really ugly, and Grandpa reminded me that they all dropped thousands of seeds and so next year, we may have a big problem! Let that be a lesson to you about who you choose and encourage for friends. Sometimes they turn out to be weeds like your mom said they would and you end up with some bad consequences. We should all listen to people who have more experience than us, don’t you think?

       Love you all soooooooooooo much!

       Grandma Dottie, The Regretful

Hey Guys!

            While I was visiting in Salt Lake City last week, Grandpa said he had a visitor every evening at our country house. It was a small deer that decided he liked bedding down in our yard! We never have deer that close and I missed it! He said every night when he got home, she was there in the back yard. One evening the Bunny Hops was sitting by the tree, and the deer looked at her. . . took a couple of steps closer. . . Bunny Hops just stayed still. . .Deer took a couple of more steps and put her head down to say hello. They both just stared at each other. I think they were amazed to find a wild friend in the Grimes back yard. It was just like Bambi and Thumper. And I missed it all; I’m so disappointed! But Grandpa was so excited about them, he took pictures. I’ll send them to you.

            Grandpa started worrying about the deer eating stuff in our yard, like the trees and bark and perenials and bushes. They can really make a mess of your landscaping. But it only lasted a week and then the deer was gone. Grandpa talks like he is relieved, but he actually was very disappointed to come home from work find no deer in the yard. I think when the deer left, Bunny Hops went with him. We haven’t seen her either, so now we only have whining Louie left in our yard for the rest of the winter.

    Love you tons!

    Grandma Dottie, The Lonely Yard Lady

Dear Family 04/1999

Spring arrived on our doorstep yesterday morning with the dawn.  It was a calm morning that promised sunshine and warmth. Kim and Ashley were here, so I had a gardening helper–Harrison was anxious to get outside with me.  He said he was going outside to “dag in the dirt.  Grandma, you dig and I will dag.”   I never quite figured out what dagging meant, but I was sure glad to have a little gardener willing to do it.  He took a small hoe (the size of a spade) and told me that was his “dagger.”   He came to see me at Grandma Sammy’s  when I was up there, and we shoveled snow off of the pansies. Today he  said, “Last time we did snow work, and today we are doing dirt work.”  But too many other things in Grandma’s yard called to him, so he couldn’t spend much time dagging.

I told him we would clean out the waterfall, but we didn’t get time.  He kept asking me, “Grandma, does your fadderwall work?  Can we turn on your fadderwall?”

Gideon had a ball with Dad on the desert.   I had a ball without her.  She is such a pain to garden with. She licks my face when I am on her level; she pounces on the leaves as I rake them up and runs off with some in her mouth.  She has taken everything out of my blue gardening box on the porch.  She first tore up the box of fertilizer, and then she left things alone for weeks.  She took the gloves that were holey anyway and carts them around in her mouth–for some reason she doesn’t tear them up, just carries them.  I took everything out of there I thought she could tear up, but lately she has carried my spade off and now the “dagger” is gone.  They are never very far, however, she just clutters the porch or lawn.  Yesterday she had a large plastic spray bottle of weed poison.   I don’t think she’ll chew through and eat the poison…but maybe she might…there’s a thought.  I have been teaching her not to go onto the porch.  She is really good about not setting foot on there when I am with her.  When I am not around, she thinks the rules don’t apply–kind of like some kids I raised.

Cyndi’s wedding is Saturday.  She graduates Friday. The first of May they go to Europe and Israel on tour.  Lacie graduates in May. Then she, Abbie and Virginia are going to Disney Land.  I am staying home with Envy listening to train whistles–(“…there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take, No matter where it’s going.”)

June 30, 1999

Dear Parker,

I wish I could go to Australia and see you.  The picture I like best is the one where you are standing in the air.  Thank you for the kangaroo picture.  We have been learning about Australia.  My favorite thing we learned is the song–Waltzing Matilda.

Love Weston

Dear Parker,

We have been having Grandma’s Camp.  We have been having a lot of fun.  We have been learning lots of things about Australia–about marsupials, etc.

We read one book called Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day.  It’s about a little boy who wants to go to Australia because he is having such a bad day.  In the end, his mom says some days are like that–even in Australia.  We talked about things that might make you have a bad day in Australia.  They thought maybe if people were rude to you while you were tracting, that would make a bad day, or if your companion was ornery to you that might make a bad day.

They have some advice for you.  Isabella had the most; it’s hard to get anyone else’s opinions when she starts talking. Here is some advice:

“Don’t worry, tomorrow will be another day.  It will be better.” –Isabella

“If you be really really nice until you forget it is a bad day.” –Weston

“Keep trying, don’t worry.” –McKay

(6 year olds and 8 year old advice) IF YOUR COMPANION IS ORNERY:

“Pretend no one is there; that might work.” –Isabella

“You could ignore him.” –Weston

“Listen, we’re members of the Church; Heavenly Father wants us to be nice to each other.  You are my best friend.” –Isabella


“If you don’t want to listen…it’s Heavenly Father’s Church, if you don’t want to join, so be it.”–Isabella

“Listen, okay, if you don’t want to join the Church, fine, but just listen to me.” –Isabella

“Come to Church with me just one time, if you don’t like it, fine.  If you do, come with me every Sunday.” –Isabella

McKay and Weston are taking computer classes.  They have written letters to you in the computer lab.  They scanned a picture.  Weston decided how big he wanted it and where and wrote you a note under it.  They are learning a lot.

Love Mom and the Grandkids


Letters to family 1999

Weston’s class went on a field trip to the farm.  Because of his allergies, he couldn’t go.  Their letter for the week is “Q,” so he and his mommy and Sydnie are making quookies (nobake cookies–he got the recipe from school) and going to the Dairy Queen.

Rein’s comment of “Mommy our sunshine is out” reminds me of Flossie.  She said one day when it was raining, he little girl came in and said, “Mommy, you know the stuff that falls out of the sky?  It’s doing it!”  Rain is as scarce here as sunshine is there.

Kim took Harrison to the doctor last week.  Her doctor was out that day, so she was waiting to see another doctor that he works with.  She was in the room a long time, and evidently, he was in the next room–his office.  When he got in her room, he told her he was very impressed with her parenting skills.  He told her he had been able to hear how she handled the children, and he asked if she was a school teacher.  She said her major was education and he said, he could tell.

Parker on his mission:

He said that he thinks I would get an A+ on my “Yards and Yards of Memories” in an English class–wasn’t that sweet?  Then he adds that he likes the quote used by President Monson, “God gives us memories so we will have June roses in the Decembers of our lives.”  He says, “I am so thankful for the happy memories of my childhood.”    So am I! And you all should feel so fulfilled that you are raising children with happy childhood memories, there are so many unfortunate children.  Every time I hear a child giggle, I think how blessed they are to be raised in a happy family.


Family letter

Emilie is attending some safety training meetings today and tomorrow, so I have her kids.  Sydnie told Emilie the other day that she was a big girl and needed to throw her binkies away.  So Em put them in the garbage and she hasn’t had them since.  I imagine she’ll potty train herself too.  She is a cutie.

The hummingbirds are constantly working around the yard.  The kittens are at the most playful age.  I watched two chase each other up a tree by the waterfall, and one fell and frantically grabbed onto a branch–the last branch on the tree and was hanging there swinging back and forth. Yesterday I spent the day weeding the yard.  I got the treehouse flowers, strawberry patch, front flower gardens, waterfall garden and roses done.  I still need to do the back fence, but maybe that won’t even happen this year.  I took a well-deserved break at lunch time and sat in the swing to restore my energy for a while.  As I was sitting there I noticed a spider on the screen and a fly buzzing close by.  The fly would crawl and then fly for a half a second, then crawl.  The spider didn’t crawl or move except to turn.  Wherever the fly was, the spider would turn and watch it. At first as it started watching it, the fly bumped into the spider and it scared them both.  The spider jumped and pulled its legs in, and the fly flew back, but flies must be stupid and spiders smart.  The fly kept crawling around near the spider and flying a short distance away and crawling closer, the spider just stayed put and turned to watch every movement of the fly.  The fly finally got close enough that the spider jumped at it.  The fly struggled and got away, but too late.  It fell to the floor and spun around a for a few seconds.  I, of course, hate flies so I was cheering for the spider.  And as I left my perch in the swing, I decided I have watched too many of Dad’s PBS-type shows.


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