Happy Memories

It was through the example of my mother, I realized that the job of keeping a family close falls to the grandmother of the family.  She had a philosophy about memories, she taught us: “Happy memories can be made by appointment.” She used this theory to keep her family close. She planned lots of events to get the family or grandchildren together to fill our souls with happy memories. So, that is what Grandma Dottie’s Camp is all about.

I have met many people in life who have a terrible shortage of happy memories. There should be a name for this condition because it causes so many emotional problems. I think it should be called HMDD Happy Memories Deficit Disorder! Creating happy memories is my goal. We are so blessed to have the advanced technology today that allows us instant communication through the Internet, cell phones, and webcams with our grandchildren wherever they live, BUT these wonderful resources create memories. Grandma Dottie’s Camp is a source that does! As they years whiz by, memories are all that is left, but life is drenched in joy if those memories are happy ones. They linger longer than the actual events and can be recalled and relived over and over again.  I started this Happy Memories Are Made By Appointment” tradition when my oldest grandchildren were 7 and 5.  So for 15 years we’ve been having some great fun and helping to prevent HMDD!

Which Grandma Do I Want To Be?

My children had a grandmother where there were no toys; they couldn’t wander through the house or go in certain rooms; they couldn’t get rowdy or noisy; there was nothing to snack on except saltines, and the grandmother would often say, “Oh, don’t touch that.”  My children would embarrass me when they would keep asking when we were going to our other grandma’s house.  They knew she loved them and they loved her. But her house was no fun.The other grandmother was just the opposite with  a house full of toys and goodies and books. They could help themselves to anything and play anywhere in the house. This grandmother would say, “I’m going to lie down, but no matter how noisy the children get, don’t close my door.” I knew early on what kind of grandparent I wanted to be. It is fun to keep a house that is friendly to kids. My favorite words are “Grandma I love coming to your house.”


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